ACE Entertainment

What is ACE?

ACE is the utility token used in the ACE Network and eventually in ACE CHAIN. ACE is also used generally to refer to the overall brand of ACE Entertainment.

ACE Currency

ACE currency can be use in ACE CASINO and partner casinos. It will be the central currency used in ACE CHAIN, where casino DApps can be hosted and hyperconnected.


ACE CASINO is an online casino world with over 200 unique market-proven games. ACE CASINO is launching as part of the ACE CASINO Network with over 10 million active users worldwide.


ACE hosts online / land-based casino-optimized DApp with ACE CHAIN, a casino-exclusive blockchain where ACE will be used as the main utility / platform coin of ACE CHAIN after the Mainnet.


ME2ON (KOSDDAQ: 201490)is the co-developer of ACE CASINO. By cooperating with ME2ON ACE CASINO can use over 200 game IPs and user pool, as well as share it's proven business model and service know-how.

ACE Currency Uses

ACE will unify the online and offline casino worlds by being usable in ACE CASINO and any of our partner platforms, such as casinos and hotels.

Difficulty withdrawing winnings is a common problem that many online casino players face. At ACE CASINO we enable players to easily withdraw their winnings through the use of blockchain technology.


ACE can be used as the playable game currency in ACE CASINO.

ACE Store

Purchase products and services at ACE Stores that are integrated with the ACE Ecosystem.

Casino Partners

ACE can be used in online and offline partner casinos.


ACE CASINO is an online casino world with over 200 unique market-proven games. ACE CASINO is launching as part of the ACE CASINO Network with over 10 million active users worldwide.

Blockchain Casino

ACE will unify the online and offline casino worlds by being usable in ACE CASINO and any of our partner platforms, such as casinos and hotels.

ACE CASINO will be the first blockchain casino using ACE as the key currency, we have a powerful advantage due to the massive user pool from ME2ON’s user base, unlike previous blockchain casinos which had to start from scratch to attract users.

Multi-platform support

ACE CASINO is a blockchain-based online casino game co-developed by ACE Entertainment with ME2ON. The game is HTML5-based, offering a variety of casino games across HTML5-enabled PC and mobile devices.

ACE Entertainment's competitiveness in game development is strongly bolstered through cooperation with ME2ON. ME2ON offers full support with game development, IP support, and service know-how.


ACE CASINO features games from ACE CASINO Network developed by ME2ON with 10 million users.



ACE CHAIN is the ultimate goal of ACE : Hyperconnected Casino Chain.

How ACE CHAIN will work?

ACE CHAIN will be a global blockchain platform used in all online and land-based casinos in the world.

What ACE CHAIN will provide?

ACE CHAIN will provide fully optimized block-chain services as a platform and a cryptocurrency in all kinds of ACE-based casinos, ACE CASINO VR, and ACE Network.



ACE is an EOS based utility / platform COIN.
It can be used in ACE CASINO and the ACE Ecosystem.

Meet Our Team


With Sebastian Ryu as CEO and Kyle Son as Chairman, ACE Entertainment is led with vast industry experience, intellectual property, and business acumen.


Kyle Son


Kyle is the Chairman and Founder of ACE Entertainment and ME2ON group, the Asia No.1 Social Casino Games Company, listed on KOSDAQ. Kyle is the best expert in online casino business with more than a decade of strong experience to build the world's best blockchain casino.

- ME2ON Founder / Chairman
- Freechal CEO
- Nexon Japan Development Team Leader


Sebastian Ryu

CEO / Co Founder

As a fan of Texas Holdem and an avid poker player, Sebastian has had a clear vision of an online casino business following his exposure to mobile big data analytics. Sebastian's experience in live service, mobile marketing, e-sports, and business licensing is one of the many valuable assets on ACE Entertainment’s side.

- App Annie / Head of New Business Korea
- Rovio Entertainment / Head of New Business & Licensing
- Blizzard Entertainment / Business Development Manager


ACE Entertainment consists of talented individuals that have accumulated a lot of large gaming companies such as NEXON, Blizzard, NETMARBLE, ACTOZ Soft and etc.


Alucard Hwang


Alucard has developed Texas Holdem VR for Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus Store which allowed him to gain a deep understanding of casino games. As ACE Entertainment’s CTO, Alucard is responsible for the development of ACE CASINO games.

-GRAVITY Client Programmer


Alan Cho

Marketing Director

Alan has a long career in the gaming industry, he has gained much experience in live service, large-scale promotions including TV commercials, and gaming exhibitions such as E3 and Chinajoy.

- NEXON GT Team Manager
- PERFECT WORLD KOREA Marketing Director
- NEXON KOREA Marketing Team Manager


Simon Lee

Operation Director

Simon was responsible for contributing to the growth of Emotion and Blizzard Entertainment’s growth. As Operation Director for ACE Entertainment, Simon is helps to manage and operate our corporation with high efficiency and productivity.

- Blizzard Entertainment Web Producer
- Emotion Global Integration Director


David Ahn

Exec. Game Producer

David is ACE CASINO’s Game Producer. He joined OASIS VR as game director of Texas Holdem VR, he helped the entire team overcome technical difficulties and bring the liveliness of an actual casino poker room into VR.

- OASIS VR Game Director
- IPlay Entertainment Game Director
- Flowgamez Project Director


Ed Kim

Product Director

Ed Kim contributed to the early growth of WEBZEN, and NEXON GT. Through this, he gained experience and made achievements in providing live service to a large user base to improve sales and user metrics. These experiences make Ed a huge asset to ACE CASINO.

- NEXON GT Business Director
- WEBZEN Brand Manager


Mike Andrews

Biz Dev Director

Mike’s highly diverse background has now led him to the gaming industry with ACE Entertainment, where he will help to bring new business opportunities and growth to the company.

- SHUTTLE DELIVERY Managing Partner
- CRYPTOMECA Director of Marketing
- MIGS Marketing and Management Consultant

David Lee

David Lee

Legal Director

David, a US attorney, has extensive experience in cross-border transactions and international trademarks. With his expertise and experience, David is able to help Ace Entertainment from a legal perspective to provide its services globally.

- Huntingdog CEO
- Samhee Industries President


Evan Park

Server Programmer

Evan is a highly versatile server programmer who has developed several game server programs using multiple programming languages including C / C++, Golang and C# and databases such as RDBMS, MySQ, MSSQ, REDIS and NoSQL.

- Nextfloor Server Programmer
- MNMGames Server Programmer
- GamePrix Server Programmer


Chris Lee

Client Programmer

In Netmarble, Chris developed content for the board-game style game ‘Modoo’. As a Service Designer at Nexon GT, Chris was responsible for designing and implementing service components to improve the quality of the interaction experience for customers.

- NEXON GT Service Designer


Janelle Desuyo

Community Manager

Janelle managed several online communities for Netmarble Games in IGS and later was involved in ACTOZ Soft’s blockchain project. As ACE Entertainment’s Community Manager, she manages all social medias while supporting marketing activities.

- ACTOZ Soft Client Relations & Accounts Manager
- IGS Ltd (Netmarble Subsidiary)
- Global Business Development Manager


Tom Kim

System Engineer

Tom has been working as a system engineer for five years in Vlan24, a data center located in Los Angeles, USA. He has experience in both Linux / Windows system and network management, overseeing various services such as game server, video server and web server.

- Vlan24, INC System Engineer


Andy Park

Game Producer

Andy is a Game Producer with a lot of experience in quality assurance (QA), live service and planning.

- NextAge / Planning Team Lead
- NEXON GT / QA Team Lead


Amy Kim

Office Administrator

Before joining to Ace Entertainment, Amy worked for a non-profit organizations and local government/ federal government on various projects.

- Korea Federation of SMEs(KBIZ) / Office Administrator
- Next generation Convergence Contents
- Industry Association (NCIA) Account Manager
- Startup & Trading area Revitalization Center Manager


Elly Choi

Lead Art Designer

Elly is one of the design pioneers in the gaming industry with over 18 years of experienced in game art design.

- Signal&Co Art Director
- Minosday Art Director
- Neowiz Mobile Game Art Designer


Ray Kim

Lead Web Programmer

Ray has more than 10 years of experience on Java development. At Double Chain, he has managed and developed several blockchain solutions and ICO sites such as Hdac.

- Double Chain Lead Back-End Programmer
- Paygate Back-End
- UEngine Solutions Back-End Lead Programmer


Mario Choi

Front-End Developer

Mario worked for Dreamwiz Internet Inc. and as in-charged of front-end development for 10 years. Later he was involved in mobile advertising UI development and android app development.

- Neov Inc. Front-end Developer
- Android App Developer
- Ad platform designer
- Dreamwiz Internet Front-End Developer


Howard Kim

Live Service Specialist

As a project manager for EuTechnology, Howard was responsible for various projects, such as IoT-based farm control system, electric car charging/parking space solution, and usage of linear actuators for reconnaissance drones. Currently, as a member of Ace Entertainment, Howard is mainly focusing on Live Service Management to provide the best experiences for the users.

- EuTechnology/ Project Manager


Roy Moon

Senior Web Programmer

Roy was in charge of developing and operating new payment platforms for PayGate. Also, at Double Chain, Roy developed the P2P banking API platform for cryptocurrencies. With experience on developing early models of a crypto bank, Roy used separate bank accounts at Welcome Saving Banks to develop and operate P2P Crowdfunding API for Welcome Payments.

- Welcome Payments /Platform Developer
- Double Chain / Platform Developer
- PayGate / Platform Developer


Adivisors at ACE contribute to the development of ACE and ACE CASINO with their vast knowledge and experience in the industry.


Brian Chadwick

Legal Advisor

Brian is a legal expert with 20 years experience, provides legal advice to ACE Entertainment.

- ACE Entertainment / Legal Advisor
- McDermott Will & Emergy / Lawyer
- Miniclip SA / General Counsel
- Cooley LLP / Special Counsel
- Isabella Oliver LTD / Non-executive Director
Fieldfisher / Partner


Martijn Gerrits

Poker Platform Advisor

Martijn Gerrits is a global top tier professional gambler with numerous winnings records at various international competitions including the WSOP. He is a poker platform advisor for ACE Entertainment and advises on game development and affiliate management.

- ACE Entertainment / GPoker Platform Advisor
- ME2ON AA Poker Affiliates
- 2019 Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure 1st
- 2018 Asia Championship of Poker 1st
- 2018 WSOP 4st – EVENT #16
- Netherlands All time Money List 22nd


Jack Park

Blockchain Advisor

Jack’s deep and comprehensive experience in the online casino and blockchain industries combined with his outstanding performance will be essential to help realize ACE Entertainment’s vision.

- Newlink Inc. (Cashierest) CEO
- ME2ON Co-Founder / COO


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